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HOTLINE 919-499-2722 Call for Recorded Messages on Emergency Conditions.

Remember -*- No Large (18 Wheeler) Trucks are allowed in the Laurel Ticket POA


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Disaster Planning

Disaster Preparedness Plan

The Laurel Thickets POA Disaster Preparedness Plan is distributed to home owners and renters, residing in the Thickets, to assist them in preparing to remain safe during a disastrous storm or other event and to aid in a faster recovery after the danger has passed.  This document is available here, both in its entirety, and also divided into smaller sections to help facilitate printing lists and maps as desired.   Please take time to read through the plan and consider making preparations as described in this document. 


File of Life Information

To assist with medical emergencies, a File of Life program is available for residents to help inform emergency responders of medical issues.  This is a voluntary program.  The File of Life Information, File of Life Medical Form and File of Life Labels are available here to assist you.

Wildfire  Preparedness

Do you know what steps you can can take to protect your home from a Wildfire Disaster?

Check out the North Carolina Firewise Web Page to find out.

 Click on the following link for the Laurel Thickets I, II, III Fire Wise Assessment

Emergency Evacuation

Besides the Main Gate there are two other ways to exit Carolina Trace.

They are the North Emergency Road and the South Emergency Road.

To get to the North or South Emergency Road Exits drive on Traceway in the direction away from the Gate House.  The Exits are located at the very end of Traceway.

There are two other emergency exits. Located at the Water Tower off of Indian Road and Argyll between Lots 3217  and 3218.   These exits are for emergency use only and are normally closed. 

Directions to Argyll Emergency Exit

Exit on Traceway towards the Main Gate;  turn right on Chelsea Drive toward Sedgemoor POA  Turn left on Argyll Drive.  Drive to just before Yorkshire Circle (between Lots 3217 and 3218) and turn left through the Emergency Exit Gate to Hwy 87

Click on the following Link for a map of the Argyll Exit

Directions to Water Tower Emergency Exit

Exit on Traceway toward the Gate House. Turn right on Indian Trail.  Drive through the Emergency Exit Gate at the Carolina Trace Water Tower on to Hwy 87

Click on the following Link for a map of the Carolina Trace Water Tower Exit