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Laurel Thicket Sign The Laurel Thicket Property Owners Association, Inc. (LTPOA) is a not-for-profit corporation organized to own and maintain the common areas within the Laurel Thickets, and to promote the recreation, health, safety and welfare of its members.  LTPOA assumed ownership of the common areas on September 15, 1987.   Every owner of property within the Laurel Thickets is a member of the Association; and the governance, management and activities of the Association depend on the volunteer efforts and active participation of its members.  Activities of the Association and its members are governed by its By-Laws, Covenants and Restrictions, Construction and Architectural Standards, and Rules for use of the recreation areas.  Each of these governing documents is accessible through the Association’s website.

The business and affairs of the Association are managed by its Board of Directors.  Each Director is a volunteer and is elected by a vote of the membership at the annual meeting of members.  Officers of the Association are also volunteers who are elected by the Board of Directors. 

LTPOA is a member of the Carolina Trace Association, Inc. (CTA) and has representation on the Board of Directors of CTA.  CTA's Safety and Security Committee has provided resident information in this Community Information letter.  To learn more information about CTA, go to

 Following is a brief description of the responsibilities of the principal committees of the Board. 

Architectural Committee

This committee reviews the architectural plans and specifications for the construction of new homes, additions to or exterior alterations of existing structures and above ground fixtures.  The Architectural Committee consults with property owners and contractors to ensure that the Association’s construction and architectural standards are met and consistently applied.

Roads and Ditches Committee

This committee monitors the condition of roads and drainage ditches within the Laurel Thickets.  This group also prepares plans for maintenance and improvement projects and oversees their completion.   The Roads and Ditches Committee establishes standards for road surface repairs and coordinates with utility companies to ensure that required excavations are properly repaired and the road surface returned to its previous condition.

Recreation Committee

This committee is responsible for the operation, maintenance and use of the Association’s recreation areas including the swimming pool, tennis and basket ball courts.  The Recreation Chairperson coordinates group activities and special events relating to use of these areas.

Landscape Committee

This committee oversees the maintenance and upkeep of entrance ways, cul-de-sacs and common areas.  This group also coordinates periodic neighborhood clean-up activities.

Compliance and Grievance Committee

This committee is responsible for the enforcement of the Association’s Covenants and Restrictions.